Dolby Integrated Media Block (IMB) and Screen Server DSS220

The Dolby Integrated Media Block (IMB) and Screen Server DSS220 provides exhibitors a platform for the future. This DCI-compliant system offers compatibility and built-in support for high-frame-rate, 2K, and 4K playback, with lasting value and cost-effectiveness.

Space-Efficient for Easy Installation

By separating the server and media block functionality, we’ve helped to ease space constraints and simplify installation. The Dolby Screen Server DSS220 takes only 2 units of vertical rack space. The Dolby IMB installs directly into the cinema projector.

Supports 2K and 4K

Don’t worry about resolution. The Dolby IMB gives you 2K and 4K support right out of the box, with no upcharges. Everything you need is in a single product.

High-Frame-Rate 3D Playback

Build out your auditoriums with confidence, knowing that the Dolby IMB supports high-frame-rate 3D formats (48 and 60 fps).

Flexible Placement Options

Consolidate your servers into a central location to simplify service and day-to-day operations. With Gigabit Ethernet, the Dolby IMB and server can either remain in the pedestal or be separated by a distance of 250 feet (76 meters) or more with standard network switches.

Compact Design

With a vertical height of 2U (3.5 inches) and a depth of 17.7 inches (50 cm), the Dolby DSS220 chassis weighs only about 31.5 pounds (14 kg).

Ample Internal Storage

RAID 5 hard disk array with 4 TB net internal storage.

Standard eSATA Port for Connection to External Storage

Connects to external storage including rack-mounted CRU drive bays with eSATA connectors.

Standalone Dolby Integrated Media Block

Installs directly into your projector.

Upgrade Your DSS200 Server

Customers with an existing Dolby Screen Server DSS200 and a Series 2 projector can purchase a standalone IMB to add support for 4K and high-frame-rate playback.

  • Playback

    • JPEG 2000 Frame Rates Supported
      1. JP2K 4K: 24, 25 fps
      2. JP2K 2K 2D: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 96, 100, 120 fps
      3. JP2K 2K 3D: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 fps
    • MPEG-2 Playback
      1. MPEG-2D: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 fps

    Data I/O

    • Copper gigabit data input: 2 × RJ-45
    • Fiber gigabit data input: 2 × fiber inputs (optional)

    Audio I/O

    • Audio output: 2 × RJ-45 outs (16 channels)

    3D Support

    • Dolby 3D support
    • Real D ghostbusting

    Video I/O

    • 2D HDMI® inputs: 2 × HDMI
    • LTC output

  • imb-dss220_med_hrPrincipal


Dolby Show Library DSL200DSL200_LargePrincipal

The Dolby Show Library DSL200 is a high-capacity central server that facilitates the networking of your multiplex while meeting your content storage needs.

All-in-One Platform

The Dolby® Show Library DSL200 acts as the heart of your network, simplifying content loading in one central location. It lets you store and decode pristine movies.

The DSL200 supports high frame rates, both 48 and 60 fps. And it offers impressive storage, serviceability, and interoperability.

Operate More Efficiently

The Dolby DSL200 provides the hardware and software you need for networking your multiplex and managing content from one central location. You can load content conveniently via Ethernet, satellite, a removable hard drive, USB 2.0, or DVD.

Moving content is just as easy. You can efficiently transfer it to a Dolby Show
Store DSS100, Dolby Screen Server DSS200, or Dolby Screen Server DSS220 via Ethernet using the included Dolby Show Manager software.

Complete Control and Automation

Dolby Show Manager software has complete tools for storing, managing, and automating the playback of digital movies. It simplifies and streamlines your digital screen operations while maximizing all the advantages of digital cinema.

Versatile and easy to use, Dolby Show Manager gives your network operations centers and theatre personnel comprehensive control over all presentations—for a single screen, a large multiplex, and an integrator’s entire network.

Dolby Show Manager Software

Powerful, versatile, and easy to use, giving you complete and efficient operational control

High Storage Capacity

8 TB of usable internal storage in a RAID 6 configuration for reliability

Hot-Swappable Drives

Eliminates downtime, letting you change drives on the fly without having to interrupt any operations

External Storage Option

Add up to 12 TB via Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)